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Hello, I'm Andrew Chunis,
a Full Stack Web Developer
based in Miami Florida.

About Me

I'm the kind of person who isn't afraid of a challenge.


I'm a full stack web developer with nine years of experience working on digital teams, using technology to develop and grow new streams of revenue. Navigating a road map from digital marketing and eCommerce, to analytics and development. I'm slowly making the rounds around every chair on a modern digital team.


Celebrity Cruises Digital E-Commerce Analyst
March 2018 - October 2019

Lead digital analyst for the Celebrity Web team and provided support for multiple teams looking to drive revenue on the web. I worked closely with the eCommerce and UX/UI teams while recommending enhancements on the Celebrity booking funnel and Cruise Planner portal.

Royal Caribbean Digital Analyst
May 2016 - March 2018

I reported to the Director of Business Intelligence on digital analytics for the Royal Caribbean website, establishing real time analytics on the booking funnel and working with Dev Ops during code migrations.

Pyramid Time Systems eCommerce Manager
Jan 2014 - Mar 2016

Managed all digital marketing for a startup SaSS for time and attendance software and manufactured products of time and attendance systems.

ABS, Inc. Digital Marketing
Sept 2010 - Dec 2013

Coordinated marketing and business development for a third-party administrator of employee benefit programs, with responsibility for expanding annual sales growth by more than 20%.


I focus on crafting web experiences and designs that work.

My background in digital marketing helps give me deeper insights on any project that I take on. I know what is further down the pipeline, and what the teams and leaders are depending on to make their products deliver.

  • Digital Marketing

    Marketing shouldn't be a secondary activity after the product has been delivered. Things like SEO, landing pages, and conversion rate optimization ought to be baked into the product from the initial stages.

  • Fontend Development

    I've been fortunate to work with some of the most talented designers and brand marketers in the industry. At various stages in my career my mentors tought me the value of branding and the importance of speaking with a brand voice.

  • Backend Development

    Wyncode Academy powered me with a solid foundation in Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I know the importance of clean editable code, SOLID principles, refactoring, version control, and managing expectations and accomodating change.

  • Data Analytics

    "What doesn't get measured, doesn't get managed" was one of my key takeaways while performing analytics. Whether it was automating Big Data queries or producing detailed traffic analysis, I am always applying data patterns towards effective decision making.

  • UX/UI

    Having worked in several capacities experiencing the interaction between the developer and the designer, I've learned not just the importance of proper UX/UI, but the communication throughout the full lifecycle of the development process.

  • E-Commerce

    I live and breathe E-Commerce. As we continue to see the convergence of the digital world and the physical world, at the end of the day, all companies are first and foremost, digital companies.


A selection of recent projects I have worked on.

Web Developer

Cruise Buddy App

Project Link

A rating and review application for cruises. Users are able to query through cruise ships by search terms and browse through ratings and reviews for cruise vacations. Users can post their own ratings and reviews, including digital content for display on the cruise listing pages and users can comment on the reviews and content of other users.

Web Developer

Miami Contaminated Sites

Project Link

A website application built with React.js that fetches the Miami Dade Open Data Hub’s API for properties with. environmental contamination in the soil or ground water.

Web Developer

Falcon IT & Staffing Solutions

Project Link

Falcon IT & Staffing Solutions is a front-end web design built on Wordpress, a fully-custom template incorporating advanced custom fields and a job search API powered by BullHorn API.

Web Developer

Perpro Equip

Project Link

Front-end web design built on the wordpress platform and the WooCommerce eCommerce engine.

Web Developer

Sarah Mendoza Web Design

Project Link

Fully-custom front-end webdesign built on the Wordpress platform.

Web Developer

Tony Mendoza Art

Project Link

Front-end webdesign built on the wordpress platform and the WooCommerce eCommerce engine.

Andrew was always calm and methodical facing the challenges that arose, collaborating seamlessly with everyone on the project and coordinating with the teaching assistants as we faced down a very narrow deadline. We all walked away with something we are crazy proud of! I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew as a teammate or a leader.

Author image Natalia Vaz Cofounder of CruiseBuddy

I learned quickly to pay attention to his findings and listen to his recommendations, each based on sharp insights. He's also a friendly and reliable guy which makes it easier when he's delivering bad news and fun when he's sharing the good news - i recommended him unreservedly

Author image Matthew Maule Vice Predident Business Intelligence at Celebrity Cruises

His knowledge of the combination of quantitative, statistical, and computational tools and technique helped Celebrity web understand, predict, and act on large amounts of data, improving decision-making in increasingly complex and interconnected business environments. Andrew is an asset for future business leaders and industry.

Author image Raul Parquet Senior Manager Digital Guest Commerce at Celebrity Cruises

Andrew is a very talented analyst bringing insightful data points and insights which were presented in a thoughtful way to marketers and creative people to action on. He is highly responsive and a pleasure to work with.

Author image Alexander Missagia Director of Celebrity Marketing

Andrew displays talent and vision in driving our online brand initiatives and consistently provides excellent guidance on SEO, content marketing, web design, marketing cycles, sales funnels and marketing automation. I am confident Andrew will be a valuable addition to any organization, as his personal drive and "get it done" attitude make him an invaluable team player. Andrew will be an asset to any employer, and I wholeheartedly recommend him for any position he may pursue

Author image Jenniferf Altschuler Director of Marketing at Pyramid Time Systems

He has the experience, the open mindedness and intuition to launch and manage a successful digital marketing campaign. Besides his tremendous knowledge in the online industry, Andrew has impeccable communication skills which makes the business relationship transparent - the key to successful a relationship in business.

Author image Mor Assouline Vice President at PracticePanther